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    Because Mice Don't Lay Eggs & Barbie Isn't Orange

    Video Game Review: Heavy Rain (Playstation 3)

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  • She turned to bolt for the trees, and plowed headlong into another highwayman. Lucas made it clear that he would have her regardless of the cost.
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    Very often I make impulse purchases of video games just from reading reviews or seeing pictures or descriptions without doing my homework on the game itself. Heavy Rain is one of those that I do not regret giving in to my impulse here. A game that describes itself as a murder-thriller, it lives up to that description, and offers the closest thing to an old-school adventure game that I have seen in a long time.

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  • He knew Amanda had just spent the last evening out with her friends at a bar. There was no way on God s green earth he could ignore this.
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  • Elsa glanced at the two on the floor, then back at Lucas. Several lines of linked clear gems hung across her back to steady the front of the dress in place.
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  • This review is written assuming you have either played the game, or at least have sufficient knowledge of the game and its primary features. I will try and notate major spoilers but read at your own risk. Read more

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    Hyphenated Last Names

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  • Yes, but I was running from one of his employees.
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  • This is just a mini-rant. Working in a profession where I am required to address people by name, I find it extremely annoying when people, well I say people but I have only run into it with women, with hyphenated last names. Since I can’t use anyone here as an example let’s use Courtney Cox-Arquette, since she is the first that comes to mind. Either go with Courtney Cox or Courtney Arquette but for the love of Jesus, pick one! “Hello Mrs. Cox-Arquette! How are you today?” That just sounds stupid. When I have to wait on someone with a hyphenated last name, I just don’t say it, it annoys me that much. Pick one. Whichever you like better, or have a greater attachment to, or in the case of Courtney, since she is well known as Cox, stick with Cox for familiarty sake. Even when gays get married – pick one. Or make up a new one and register it. I mean really, what is the big deal in choosing one last name or the other? And what happens if you get married a third time? Or fourth? Will she suddenly be Courtney Cox-Arquette-Pitt-Jackman?

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