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Because Mice Don't Lay Eggs & Barbie Isn't Orange

Video Game Review: Heavy Rain (Playstation 3)

Very often I make impulse purchases of video games just from reading reviews or seeing pictures or descriptions without doing my homework on the game itself. Heavy Rain is one of those that I do not regret giving in to my impulse here. A game that describes itself as a murder-thriller, it lives up to that description, and offers the closest thing to an old-school adventure game that I have seen in a long time.

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Video Game Review: Final Fantasy XIII (Playstation 3)

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This review is written assuming you have either played the game, or at least have sufficient knowledge of the game and its primary features. I will try and notate major spoilers but read at your own risk. Read more

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Hyphenated Last Names

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This is just a mini-rant. Working in a profession where I am required to address people by name, I find it extremely annoying when people, well I say people but I have only run into it with women, with hyphenated last names. Since I can’t use anyone here as an example let’s use Courtney Cox-Arquette, since she is the first that comes to mind. Either go with Courtney Cox or Courtney Arquette but for the love of Jesus, pick one! “Hello Mrs. Cox-Arquette! How are you today?” That just sounds stupid. When I have to wait on someone with a hyphenated last name, I just don’t say it, it annoys me that much. Pick one. Whichever you like better, or have a greater attachment to, or in the case of Courtney, since she is well known as Cox, stick with Cox for familiarty sake. Even when gays get married – pick one. Or make up a new one and register it. I mean really, what is the big deal in choosing one last name or the other? And what happens if you get married a third time? Or fourth? Will she suddenly be Courtney Cox-Arquette-Pitt-Jackman?

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